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Knee and hip specialistOrthopaedic surgeonMr Jonathan Miles

Failure of hip replacements

Hip replacements are complicated procedures and can go wrong at any stage. Unfortunately, some are not right from the offset: tyical problems here may be ongoing pains, dislocation of the joint or change in leg length. Some go wrong later: this may be due to infection, the implants coming loose from the bone or simply parts of the implants wearing out. Getting the correct diagnosis is key and may involve X-rays, blood tests, needle aspirations of the joints and/or scans. 


Once the real cause of the problems has been elucidated, Mr. Miles will be able to discuss the treatment options available for you to consider. Sadly, this usually means further surgery in a lot of cases but it may be possible to retain some parts of the hip if they are working well.

Loose right total hip socket with bone damage around it

Bilateral revision hip X-ray of complex hip replacements for loosening and bone loss

Example of a revision hip system used by Mr Miles

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