Knee and hip specialist Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Jonathan Miles
Knee and hip specialistOrthopaedic surgeonMr Jonathan Miles

Dislocation of total hip replacement

Early failure, disloction or the feeling that the hip 'has never been right' can be due to a technical failure at the time of surgery. This X-ray is an example referred to Mr Miles form another hip centre. In this case the pelvic component has not been put in at the right angle: it should be at about 45 degrees from vertical and is far too steep. This led to dislocations and pain. Unfortunately, this is not something than can be treated by therapy, braces or rest. The solution in this case was to revise the pelvic side of the hip replacement. The stem was well placed so was preserved to minimise damage and improve recovery time: the patient was able to walk straight away and he only had to spend three nights in hospital. 

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