Knee and hip specialist Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Jonathan Miles
Knee and hip specialistOrthopaedic surgeonMr Jonathan Miles

Revision knee surgery

When a knee replacement fails, the most important first step is to find out why. The most common three reasons are that it has not been properly balanced when put in, an infection has developed or it has loosened from the bone. It is vital that the correct reason for failure is identified: this may need blood tests, X-rays and samples from the joint in many cases.


It is not always easy to recreate good function after failed knee replacement and it is advised that a highly experienced surgeon should investigate and treat these patients as they will have the appropriate skills and equipment to get the best outcomes. Mr Miles revises total knee replacements on a weekly basis and can draw on experience with custom implants, specialised bone restoration techniques and advanced exposure methods to obtain the best possible result.

Revision knee replacement postoperative X-ray showing typical components used

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