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Knee and hip specialistOrthopaedic surgeonMr Jonathan Miles

The developments of partial knee replacements over the last few decades has allowed for some exciting options to be available for knee surgeons dealing with younger and more active patients. There are options to replace just parts of the affected knee and maintain other areas that are not damaged. This can lead to better range of motion, more natural feelings and higher levels of function. They are technically challenging operations and there is a higher failure rate than in total knee replacement.


When they fail, they usually require conversion to some form of total knee replacement. Mr. Miles will discuss the options with you between primary types of implants and revison implants: this will depend upon the levels of bone loss present in your case and any damage or imbalance of ligaments around the knee.


Recent evidence has shown that revision of a unicompartmental knee replacement to another unicompartmental implant has a very high rate of failure (13 times higher than a primary knee replacement!). It is not, therefore, recommended as an appropriate means of treatment.

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