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Knee and hip specialistOrthopaedic surgeonMr Jonathan Miles

Overuse knee injury diagnosis and management


The knee is a very tough joint and can withstand a lot of force and use. In some circumstances, repetitive loading can exceed the tolerances of various structures in and around the knee. This can be due to subtle anatomical abnormalities in the knee, problems with technique (for example in running, racquet sports or weight training) or simply repetitive minor traumas. These can be quite difficult to diagnose accurately and require careful history taking and examination in combination with imaging. Plain X-rays are usually non-diagnostic. Patients often require ultrasound or MRI scanning to determine the grade of problem, choose appropriate acute treatment and decide upon a plan for return to the aggravating activity.


Commonly injuries are present in the muscles tendons, tendon sheaths and ligaments of the knee. We also see stress injury to the shin bones (tibiae) which can even lead to stress fractures.


Mr. Miles is used to treating dancers, professional sportsmen/women and amateur enthusiasts. Treatment options range from rest and changes in training, through to physiotherpay, image guide injections and, in a small number of recalcitrant cases, surgical options. Mr. Miles will work with you and therapists to design a return to activity programme and reduce the risks of recurrence.

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