Knee and hip specialist Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Jonathan Miles
Knee and hip specialistOrthopaedic surgeonMr Jonathan Miles

An uncemented hip replacement relies on a press fit between the components and the hip bones. It is technically a little more demanding than a cemented hip replacement as the fit needs to be exactly right.


The outsides of the components are coated in materials that encourage the bone to grow onto them over time. It may be necessary to use crutches for 6-12 weeks during this ongrowth period but Mr Miles is often happy to allow weightbearing straight away, if the fit is very good.


As the joint is between living bone and the implants, any disruption can in theory, repair itself. The aim is for lifelong survivorship of implants without the need for revision.


The other advantage is that it can allow use of ceramic liners to create a ceramic on ceramic hip. This is the the most wear resistant bearing type and is favourable in the very young patients in particular.

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