Knee and hip specialist Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Jonathan Miles
Knee and hip specialistOrthopaedic surgeonMr Jonathan Miles

 Your joint function is our priority

Mr Miles practice has included robotic techniques for 10 years 


We are pleased to be able to offer robotic partial knee, total knee and hip replacement surgery to our patients. The robot allows for extra information to be assessed before and during surgery. This gives more exact cutting, protection of important tissues and a more 'balanced' joint. in experienced hands, this results in less bleeding and swelling, less short term pain and better long term return to activity, including appropriate sporting activity.



Robotic hip and knee images

The Wellington Hospital

P.A. Kate Bright 

 Tel. 0207 4835310



  Spire Bushey Hospital

P.A. Jo Antoniou

Tel. 0208 9010316


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